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In The Beginning

In its beginning stages, Ferrier Wire primarily manufactured wire goods such as: baskets, guards, safety stretchers, strainers and so on - all with a workforce of about a dozen men. In the 1960’s Ferrier Wire started weaving and welding wire mesh. This production was complemented by the import, distribution and warehousing of other wire mesh items. These factors lead to the gradual shift from wire products to wire mesh.


Later, perforated metals, both with round holes and decorative patterns and decorative expanded metal rounded out the product line. Over the years, investment in equipment (flattening rollers and slitter to process the mesh, various welding equipment, specialized fabricating shears, brakes, rollers, and more) expanded the capabilities of Ferrier Wire.

Today and moving forward

Today Ferrier Design has grown out of the growth of our architectural and design products. We thought it would be beneficial to separate the those products from the industrial products and showcase them in an easier to use format. We will continue to add new products and projects as they are developed.